The Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence
AI-2008: The Twenty-eighth SGAI International Conference
Cambridge, UK, 9th-11th December 2008
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Papers Accepted for the Technical Stream

Regular Papers (for oral presentation)

Best Technical Paper

On the Classification Performance of TAN and General Bayesian Networks
Michael G. Madden (College of Engineering & Informatics, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland)


Code Tagging and Similarity-based Retrieval with myCBR
Th. R. Roth-Berghofer and D. Bahls (DFKI GmbH/TU Kaiserslautern, Germany)

Sparse Representations for Pattern Classification using Learned Dictionaries
Jayaraman J. Thiagarajan, Karthikeyan N. Ramamurthy and Andreas Spanias (Arizona State University, USA)

Qualitative Hidden Markov Models for Classifying Gene Expression Data
Z. Ibrahim, A. Tawfik and A. Ngom (University of Windsor, UK)

Description Identification and the Consistency Problem
E.N. Smirnov (Maastricht University, The Netherlands), N.Y. Nikolaev (London University, UK) and G.I. Nalbantov (Maastricht University, The Netherlands)


Analysing the Effect of Demand Uncertainty in Dynamic Pricing with EAs
Siddhartha Shakya (Intelligent Systems Research Centre, BT Group, UK), Fernando Oliveira (Warwick Business School, UK), Gilbert Owusu (Intelligent Systems Research Centre, BT Group, UK)

Restart-Based Genetic Algorithm for the Quadratic Assignment Problem
Alfonsas Misevicius, (Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania)

Constraint Satisfaction and Fixes: Revisiting Sisyphus VT
Trevor Runcie, Peter Gray and Derek Sleeman (University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK)

On a Control Parameter Free Optimisation Algorithm
Lars Nolle, (School of Science and Technology, Nottingham Trent University, UK)


PISA - Pooling Information from Several Agents: Multiplayer Argumentation from Experience
M. Wardeh, T. Bench-Capon and F. Coenen (University of Liverpool, UK)

Agent-Based Negotiation in Uncertain Environments
J.Debenham (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia), and C. Sierra (Spanish Scientific Research Council)

Automated Bilateral Negotiation and Bargaining Impasse
Fernando Lopes and A.Q. Novais (INETI, Portugal) and Helder Coelho (University of Lisbon, Portugal)


Exploring Design Space For An Integrated Intelligent System
N. Hawes and J. Wyatt and A. Sloman (University of Birmingham, UK)

A User-Extensible and Adaptable Parser Architecture
John Tobin and Carl Vogel (School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland)

The Reactive-Causal Architecture: Introducing an Emotion Model along with Theories of Needs
Ali Orhan Aydýn, Mehmet Ali Orgun and Abhaya Nayak (Department of Computing, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia)

Automation of the Solution of Kakuro Puzzles
R. P. Davies, P. A. Roach, and S. Perkins (University of Glamorgan, UK)


The Bayesian Learning Automaton - Empirical Evaluation with Two-Armed Bernoulli Bandit Problems
O.-C. Granmo (University of Agder, Norway)

Discovering Implicit Intention-Level Knowledge from Natural-Language Texts
John Atkinson (Department of Computer Sciences, Universidad de Concepcion, Chile), Anita Ferreira (Department of Spanish Linguistics, Universidad de Concepcion, Chile) and Elvis Aravena

EMADS: An Extendible Multi-Agent Data Miner
Kamal Ali Albashiri, Frans Coenen and Paul Leng (University of Liverpool, UK)

Designing a Feedback Component of Intelligent Tutoring System for Foreign Language
Anita Ferreira (Department of Spanish Linguistics, Universidad de Concepcion, Chile) and John Atkinson (Department of Computer Sciences, Universidad de Concepcion, Chile)


An Algorithm for Anticipating Future Decision Trees from Concept-Drifting Data
Mirko Boettcher (University of Magdeburg, Germany), Martin Spott (Intelligent Systems Research Centre, BT Group, UK), Rudolf Kruse (University of Magdeburg, Germany)

Polarity Assignment to Causal Information Extracted from Financial Articles Concerning Business Performance of Companies
Hiroyuki Sakai and Shigeru Masuyama (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)

ReduxExp: An Open-source Justification-based Explanation Support Server
Th. R. Roth-Berghofer and F. Mittag (DFKI GmbH/TU Kaiserslautern, Germany)

Short Papers (for poster presentation)

Immunity-based hybrid evolutionary algorithm for multi-objective optimization
E.Y.C. Wong (Orient Overseas Container Line Limited), H.S.C. Yeung and H.Y.K. Lau (The University of Hong Kong)

Parallel Induction of Modular Classification Rules
F.Stahl, M.Bramer and M.Adda (University of Portsmouth, UK)

Transform Ranking: a New Method of Fitness Scaling in Genetic Algorithms
A. A. Hopgood (De Montfort University, Leicester, UK) and A. Mierzejewska (Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland)

Architecture of Knowledge-based Function Approximator
Hassab Elgawi Osman (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

Applying Planning Algorithms to Argue in Cooperative Work
Ariel Monteserin, Silvia Schiaffino and Analia Amandi (ISISTAN Research Institute, UNCPBA, Tandil, Argentina - CONICET, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas, Argentina)

Universum Inference and Corpus Homogeneity
Carl Vogel, Gerard Lynch and Jerom Janssen (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

Papers Accepted for the Application Stream

Regular Papers (for oral presentation)

Best Application Paper

Wireless LAN Load-Balancing with Genetic Algorithms
Ted Scully and Kenneth N. Brown (Department of Computer Science, University College Cork, Ireland)


Computer Vision Systems for Manufacturing of Micro Workpieces
T.Baidyk and E.Kussul (National Autonomous University of Mexico), O.Makeyev (Clarkson University, USA)

Recognition of Swallowing Sounds Using Time-Frequency Decomposition and Limited Receptive Area Neural Classifier
O.Makeyev, E.Sazonov, St.Schuckers and P.Lopez-Meyer (Clarkson University, USA), T.Baidyk (National Autonomous University of Mexico), E.Melanson (University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, USA), M.Neuman (Michigan Technological University, USA)

Visualization of Agriculture Data Using Self-Organizing Maps
Georg Ruß and Rudolf Kruse (Otto-von-Guericke-Univ. Magdeburg, Germany), Martin Schneider (Agri Con GmbH, Germany), Peter Wagner (Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany)


Graph-based image classification by weighting scheme
Chuntao Jiang and Frans Coenen (University of Liverpool, UK)

A Machine Learning Application for Classification of Chemical Spectra
M.G. Madden (College of Engineering & Informatics, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland), T. Howley (Analyze IQ Limited, Galway, Ireland)

Learning to rank order - a distance-based approach
M.Dobrska, H.Wang and W.Blackburn (University of Ulster, UK)


Deploying Embodied AI into Virtual Worlds
D.J.H.Burden (Daden Limited)

Using Ontology Search Engines to support Users and Intelligent Systems solving a range of tasks
Derek Sleeman, Edward Thomas and Andy Aiken (University of Aberdeen, UK)

Information Management for Unmanned Systems: Combining DL-Reasoning with Publish/Subscribe
H. Moser (University of Stuttgart, Germany), T. Reichelt (Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany), N. Oswald and S. Förster (EADS Military Air Systems, Germany)


Silog: Speech Input Logon
Sergio Grau, Tony Allen and Nasser Sherkat (Nottingham Trent University, UK)

An Electronic Tree Inventory for Arboriculture Management
R.J. Tait, T.J. Allen, N. Sherkat, and M. Bellett-Travers, (Nottingham Trent University, UK)

Conversational Agents in E-Learning
A.Kerly (University of Birmingham, UK), R.Ellis (Elzware Ltd, UK) and S.Bull (University of Birmingham, UK)


Breast cancer diagnosis based on evolvable fuzzy classifiers and feature selection
S.Lekkas and L.Mikhailov (University of Manchester, UK)

Executing Medical Guidelines on the Web: Towards Next Generation Healthcare
M. Arguello (University of Manchester, UK), J. Des (Complexo Hospitalario de Ourense, Spain), M.J. Fernandez-Prieto (University of Salford, UK), R. Perez (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain) and H. Paniagua (University of Wolverhampton, UK)

A Hybrid Constraint Programming Approach for Nurse Rostering Problems
Rong Qu and Fang He (University of Nottingham, UK)

Using Evolved Fuzzy Neural Networks for Injury Detection from Isokinetic Curves
J. Couchet, J. M. Font and D. Manrique (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain)

Short Papers (for poster presentation)

An evolutionary approach to simulated football free kick optimisation
M.Rhodes and S.Coupland (De Montfort University, Leicester, UK)

An Application of Artificial Intelligence to the Implementation of Electronic Commerce
Anoop Kumar Srivastava (Institute of Engineering & Technology, India)

Hybrid System for the Inventory of the Cultural Heritage using Voice Interface for Knowledge acquisition
Stefan du Château, Danielle Boulanger, Eunika Mercier-Laurent (MODEME, IAE Research Center, Lyon University)

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The Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence
AI-2008: The Twenty-eighth SGAI International Conference
Cambridge, UK, 9th-11th December 2008