The Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence
AI-2015: The Thirty-fifth SGAI International Conference
Cambridge, UK, 15th-17th December 2015
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Papers Accepted for the Technical Stream

Best Technical Paper

Sparse Covariance Matrix Adaptation Techniques for Evolution Strategies
S. Meyer-Nieberg and E. Kropat (Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany)

Other Technical papers (Oral Presentation)

Session T1: Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

A Replicator Dynamics Approach to Collective Feature Engineering in Random Forests
Khaled Fawagreh, Mohamed Medhat Gaber and Eyad Elyan (Robert Gordon University, UK)

A Directed Acyclic Graph Based Approach to Multi-Class Ensemble Classification
Esra’a Alshdaifat, Frans Coenen and Keith Dures (University of Liverpool, UK)

CLUB-DRF: A Clustering Approach to Extreme Pruning of Random Forests
Khaled Fawagreh, Mohamed Medhat Gaber and Eyad Elyan (Robert Gordon University, UK)

Session T2: Machine Learning and Knowledge Acquisition

Fast Handwritten Digit Recognition with Multilayer Ensemble Extreme Learning Machine
Hossein Ghodrati Noushahr, Samad Ahmadi and Arlene Casey (De Montfort University, UK)

Stylochronometry: Timeline Prediction in Stylometric Analysis
C. Klaussner and C. Vogel (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

Semantic Analysis for Document Similarity and Search Queries
Charlene Cassar and Samad Ahmadi (De Montfort University, UK)

Social Trust in a Familiar Community
Eseosa Oshodin, Francisco Chiclana and Samad Ahmadi (De Montfort University, UK)

Session T3: AI in Action

Surface Reconstruction From Point Clouds Using A Novel Variational Model
J.M. Duan, B. Haines, W.O.C. Ward and L. Bai (University of Nottingham, UK)

3D Spatial Reasoning Using the Clock Model
J. I. Olszewska (University of Gloucestershire, UK)

Scheduling with Structured Preferences
R. Micalizio and G. Torta (Università di Torino, Italy)

An Optimisation Algorithm Inspired by Dendritic Cells
N. M. Y. Lee and H. Y. K. Lau (University of Hong Kong, HKSAR)

Short Papers Accepted for Technical Stream (poster presentation)

Deterministic Assimilation Clustering
A. C. Lea (Primary Key Associates, England)

Graph-based multi-document summarization – An initial investigation
A. Al-Saleh and M. El Bachir Menai (King Saud University, Saudi Arabia)

Towards Expressive Rule Induction on IP Network Event Streams
Chris Wrench, Frederic Stahl and Giuseppe Di Fatta (University of Reading, UK), Vidhyalakshmi Karthikeyan and Detlef Nauck (BT Research and Innovation, UK)

A Hybrid Ensemble for Classifying & Repurposing Financial Entities
Peter John Hampton, Hui Wang, William Blackburn (Ulster University, UK)

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Approach for Manufacturing in Process Data Optimization
Raed S. Batbooti and R. S. Ransing (Swansea University, UK)

Papers Accepted for the Application Stream

Best Application Paper

Development of Temporal Logic-Based Fuzzy Decision Support System for Diagnosis of Acute Rheumatic Fever/Rheumatic Heart Disease
Sanjib Raj Pandey, Jixin Ma and Chong Hong Lai (University of Greenwich, UK)

Other Full Papers

Session A1: Applications of Genetic Algorithms

Optimising Skill Matching in the Service Industry for Large Multi-Skilled Workforces
R.T.Ainslie (Robert Gordon University, UK), S.Shakya (British Telecommunications plc, UK), J.McCall (Robert Gordon University, UK), G.Owusu (British Telecommunications plc, UK)

Cluster Analysis of Face Images and Literature Data by Evolutionary Distance Metric Learning
W. Kalintha (Osaka University, Japan), T. Megano and S. Ono (Kagoshima University, Japan), K. Fukui and M. Numao (Osaka University, Japan)

A Genetic Algorithm Based Approach for Workforce Upskilling
A. J. Starkey and H.Hagras (University of Essex, UK), S. Shakya and G. Owusu (British Telecom, UK)

Session A2: Applications of Intelligent Agents and Evolutionary Techniques

Multi Agent Based Simulation using Movement Patterns Mined from Video data
Muhammad Tufail, Frans Coenen, Jane Hurst, Tintin Mu (University of Liverpool, UK)

Hybrid optimization approach for multi-layer FTTH network design
K. Al Romaithi, K. Poon and A. Ouali (Etisalat and British Telecom Innovation Centre, UAE), P. Y. Kong (Khalifa University for Science, Technology and Research, UAE) and S. Shakya (British Telecom, UK)

Assembly of Neural Networks within a Federation of Rational Agents for the Diagnosis of Acute Coronary Syndromes
J. Sprockel (Fundacion Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud, Colombia) and E. Gonzalez (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia)

Session A3: AI Applications

A novel K-means Voice Activity Detection Algorithm using Linear Cross Correlation on the Standard Deviation of Linear Predictive Coding
M. K. Mustafa, Tony Allen and Kofi Appiah (Nottingham Trent University, UK)

Opinionated Explanations for Recommendation Systems
A. Lawlor, K. Muhammad, R. Rafter and B. Smyth (Insight Centre for Data Analytics, University College Dublin, Ireland)

The Influence of Virtual Reality on the Perception of Artificial Intelligence Characters in Games
C. Headleand, G. Henshall, L. Ap Cenydd and W. J. Teahan (Bangor University, UK)

Application Stream Poster Papers

Eugene: A Generic interactive Genetic Algorithm Controller
C. James-Reynolds and E. Currie (Middlesex University, UK)

Automatically geotagging articles in the Welsh Newspapers Online collection
Sean Sapstead (Aberystwyth University, UK), Illtud Daniel (National Library of Wales, UK), Amanda Clare (Aberystwyth University, UK)

Contextual Sequential Pattern Mining in Games: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock
Julien Dumartinet, Gael Foppolo, Loic Forthoffer and Pierre Marais (IUT Informatique, University of Montpellier, France), Madalina Croitoru and Julien Rabatel (LIRMM, University of Montpellier, France)

On the Way Towards Automated Planning and Budgeting: Combining Fuzzy Planning with CBR Learning Systems
Miriam Gebauer, Peter Rausch and Michael Stumpf (Technische Hochschule Nürnberg - Georg Simon Ohm, Germany)

A Comparative Analysis of Ranking Methods in a Hybrid Filter-Wrapper Model for Feature Selection in DNA Microarrays
C. Fahy, S. Ahmadi and A. Casey (De Montfort University, UK)

A New Content-Based Recommendation Algorithm for Job Recruiting
N. Almalis, G. Tsihrintzis and N. Karagiannis (University of Piraeus, Greece)

Mining Fuzzy Time-Interval Patterns in Clinical Databases
A. Mills-Mullett and J. Lu (Southampton Solent University)

A Sense-Think-Act Architecture for Low-Cost Mobile Robotics
Liam Chapman, Cameron Gray and Chris Headleand (Bangor University, UK)

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The Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence
AI-2015: The Thirty-fifth SGAI International Conference
Cambridge, UK, 15th-17th December 2015