The Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence
AI-2016: The Thirty-sixth SGAI International Conference
Cambridge, UK, 13th-15th December 2016

Papers Accepted for the Technical Stream

Best Technical Paper

Harnessing Background Knowledge for E-learning Recommendation
B. Mbipom, S. Craw and S. Massie (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK)

Other Technical papers (Oral Presentation)

Session T1: Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Category-Driven Association Rule Mining
Z. Ibrahim, H. Wu (King`s College London, UK), R. Mallah (The South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, UK) and R. Dobson (King`s College London, UK)

A Comparative Study of SAT-Based Itemsets Mining
Imen Ouled Dlala, Said Jabbour and Lakhdar Sais (University of Artois, France) and Bouteina Ben Yaghlane (Univeristy of Tunis, Tunisia)

Mining Frequent Movement Patterns in Large Networks: A Parallel Approach Using Shapes
Mohammed Al-Zeyadi, Frans Coenen and Alexei Lisitsa (University of Liverpool, UK)

Session T2: Sentiment Analysis and Recommendation

Emotion-corpus guided Lexicons for Sentiment Analysis on Twitter
Anil Bandhakavi, Nirmalie Wiratunga and Stewart Massie (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK) and P. Deepak (Queen`s University, Belfast, UK)

Context-aware Sentiment Detection From Ratings
Yichao Lu (Fudan University, Shanghai, China), Ruihai Dong and Barry Smyth (University College Dublin, Ireland)

Recommending with Higher-Order Factorization Machines
Julian Knoll (Technische Hochschule Nürnberg, Germany)

Session T3: Machine Learning

Multitask Learning for Text Classification with Deep Neural Networks
H. Ghodrati Noushahr and S. Ahmadi (De Montfort University, Leicester, UK)

An Investigation on Online versus Batch Learning in Predicting User Behaviour
N. Burlutskiy, M. Petridis, A. Fish, A. Chernov and N. Ali (University of Brighton, UK)

A neural network test of the expert attractor hypothesis: Chaos theory accounts for individual variance in learning
P. Chassy (Liverpool Hope University, UK)

Session T4A: AI Techniques I

3Dana: Path Planning on 3D surfaces
Pablo Muñoz, María D. R-Moreno and Bonifacio Castaño (Universidad de Alcalá, Spain)

Session T4B: AI Techniques II

A Fast Algorithm to Estimate the Square Root of Probability Density Function
Xia Hong (University of Reading, UK), Junbin Gao (University of Sydney, Australia)

Session T5: Natural Language Processing

Covert Implementations of the Turing Test: A More Level Playing Field?
D.J.H. Burden (Daden Limited, UK), M. Savin-Baden and R. Bhakta (University of Worcester, UK)

Context-dependent Pattern Simplification by Extracting Context-free Floating Qualifiers
M.J. Wheatman (Yagadi Ltd, UK)

Short Papers Accepted for Technical Stream (poster presentation)

Experiments With High Performance Genetic Programming for Classification Problems
Darren M. Chitty (University of Bristol, UK)

Towards Expressive Modular Rule Induction for Numerical Attributes
M. Almutairi, F. Stahl, M. Jennings and T. Le (University of Reading, UK), M. Bramer (University of Portsmouth, UK)

OPEN: New Path-Planning Algorithm for Real-World Complex Environment
J.I. Olszewska and J. Toman (University of Gloucestershire, UK)

Encoding Medication Episodes for Adverse Drug Event Prediction
Honghan Wu, Zina M. Ibrahim, Ehtesham Iqbal and Richard J.B. Dobson (King`s College London, UK)

The Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence
AI-2016: The Thirty-sixth SGAI International Conference
Cambridge, UK, 13th-15th December 2016