The Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence
AI-2018: The Thirty-eighth SGAI International Conference
Cambridge, UK, 11th-13th December 2018

Papers Accepted for the Application Stream

Full Papers

Best Application Paper

Beat the Bookmaker – Winning Football Bets with Machine Learning
Johannes Stübinger (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany) and Julian Knoll (Technische Hochschule Nürnberg, Germany)

Best Student Application Paper

Generalised Decision Level Ensemble Method for Classifying Multi-media Data
Saleh Alyahyan and Wenjia Wang (University of East Anglia, UK)

A1: Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Spotting Earnings Manipulation: Using Machine Learning for Financial Fraud Detection
Kumar Rahul, Nandini Seth and Dinesh Kumar U (Indian Institute of Management - Bangalore, India)

Machine Learning in Control Systems: An Overview of the State of the Art
S. Moe, A. M. Rustad and K. G. Hanssen (SINTEF Digital, Norway)

Workforce rostering via metaheuristics
Mary Dimitropoulaki, Mathias Kern, Gilbert Owusu, Alistair McCormick (BT, UK)

A2: Planning and Scheduling in Action

Incorporating Risk in Field Services Operational Planning process
Chenlu Ji, Rupal Mandania, and Jiyin Liu (Loughborough University, UK), Anne Liret (BT, France), Mathias Kern (BT, UK)

A3: Machine Learning in Action

Rule-Mining and Clustering in Business Process Analysis
P.N.Taylor and S.Kiss (BT, UK)

Risk Information Recommendation for Engineering Workers
K. Martin (Robert Gordon University, UK), A. Liret (BT France, France), N. Wiratunga (Robert Gordon University, UK), G. Owusu and M. Kern (BT, UK)

A4: Applications of Machine Learning

Predicting Fluid Work Demand in Service Organizations Using AI Techniques
Sara AlShizawi, Siddhartha Shakya, Andrzej Stefan Sluzek (Khalifa University, UAE), Russell Ainslie and Gilbert Owusu (BT, UK)

Context extraction for aspect-based sentiment analytics: combining syntactic, lexical and sentiment knowledge
Anil Bandhakavi, Nirmalie Wiratunga, Stewart Massie (Robert Gordon University, UK), Rushi Luhar (SentiSum, UK)

Confidence in Random Forest for Performance Optimization
K. Senagi (University of Paris 8, France and Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, Kenya) and N. Jouandeau (University of Paris 8, France)

A5: Applications of Agent Systems and Genetic Algorithms

Designing a Website using a Genetic Algorithm
Lukas Günthermann and John Kingston (University of Brighton, UK)

Regulated Information Sharing and Pattern Recognition for Smart Cities
John Kingston (University of Brighton, UK)

A Middleware to link Lego Mindstorms Robots with 4th Generation language software NetLogo
S.Aslam, W.Faithful, W.Teahan (Bangor University, UK)

Application Stream Posters

A Holistic Metric Approach to Solving the Dynamic Location-Allocation Problem
Reginald Ankrah, Benjamin Lacroix and John McCall (Robert Gordon University, UK), Andrew Hardwick and Anthony Conway (BT, UK)

Identifying Variables to Define Innovator Group in the Healthy Food Industry: A Fuzzy Approach
Pooja Mohanty, Nuria Agell, Monica Casabayo (ESADE Business School, Spain)

Business Process Workflow Mining Using Machine Learning Techniques for the Rail Transport Industry
Eleftherios Bandis and Miltos Petridis (Middlesex University, UK), Stelios Kapetanakis (University of Brighton, UK)

The Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence
AI-2018: The Thirty-eighth SGAI International Conference
Cambridge, UK, 11th-13th December 2018